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Bradley Henderson - Acrobat - Wooden Nickel Circus

Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod - appearing with Wooden Nickel Circus

Bradley Henderson was born and raised in San Francisco. He attended the San Francisco Circus Center at a young age, learning the ancient arts of Chinese acrobatics under the direction of master trainer Lu Yi. During these years he was involved in numerous performances with the Pickle Family Circus and the Circus Center.

Bradley attended the National Circus school of Montreal and after graduation, joined Les 7 Doigts de la Main. He is an original cast member of “Traces” and has performed in various corporate and promotional events for Cirque du Soliel, as well as Pippin, the Broadway musical.

Bradley has also performed as a guest on television, including America’s Got Talent, Jimmy Kimmel, Wendy, and Williams. He has had the privilege of entertaining royalty, festivals, circus competitions, and Olympic ceremonies.

Currently teaching for the circus company “Acrosanct” in San Francisco while continuing to perform short-term contracts, he most recently performed in “Amuse” and Darcey Oakes “Edge of Reality” tour.

A powerhouse performance artist whose talents have carried her around the world. Chloe has performed for a variety of acclaimed companies in world-class productions in places such as San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, Atlantic City, Leipzig, as well as in the Dominican Republic.

Chloe is known for her dynamic performance style, full of high-level acrobatic and aerial skills combined with effortless grace and incredible form. Chloe began training under Master Lu Yi at the San Francisco School of Circus Arts when she was 14 years old. A stand out in the prestigious Youth Circus Training Program, Chloe was trained in floor acrobatics, hand balancing, partner acrobatics, teeterboard, straps, and acrobatic bungee. As an adult, Chloe began to train and perform as an aerial hoop artist, specializing in both solo and duo hoop.

Today, Chloe excels in multiple aerial disciplines, including the hoop, straps, cube and flying trapeze. She is revered for both her solo and partner acts in the air, as well as on the floor. Trained by the acclaimed coach, Serchmaa Byamba in contortion, Chloe is also recognized as an accomplished ground performer.

Dante Manici - Magician - Wooden Nickel Circus

Eka Boo Button - Aerialist - Wooden Nickel Circus

Dante was born to be a magician. As a child, his father built props for professional touring magicians out of the workshop in their New York home. At ten, Dante began studying his art at the world famous “Tannen’s Magic Camp.” By twelve, he could be seen handing out his business card and performing at local community events.

His passion to perform led him to study theater at New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. After moving to California, Dante’s work expanded into television, commercials and print. He was cast to play himself on the Emmy-nominated television show “Hip Hop Harry” that aired on the Discovery Kids network.

In 2013, Dante was awarded San Francisco’s Performer of the Year by RAW, an international independent art organization. Now living in the Bay Area, Dante continues to enjoy bringing magic to events nationwide.

Eka Boo Button is a maverick of quirks and quips and circus tricks.

Whether she’s in the air on a rope, balancing on her hands, or sauntering on stilts, she is sure to delight thru her unparalleled sense of character, charm, and style.

As if that wasn’t enough, Eka Boo is also a stellar seamstress and holds a BFA in fashion design, which she uses to craft her one-of-a-kind costumes.

Featherpistol - Pole Acrobat - Wooden Nickel Circus

Fleeky Flanco - Hand Balancer & Contortionist - Wooden Nickel Circus

The Lovely Lauralynn Featherpistol is a performance artist based in San Francisco. Her signature style, entitled “Kung Fu Geisha Acrobatic Pole Art,” has been in the making since 2003. Her experience with tissue, lyra, kung fu, pole, ballet and trapeze has lent a decidedly aerial flavor to her pole work.

And yet acrobatic pole tricks are not all Lauralynn’s style brings to the table. Years of studying science and art history in college, followed by years of teaching pole dance and personal fitness, has given her movement a fluid, expressive quality that is quite unique. LL Featherpistol has performed her “Acrobatic Pole Performance Art” at private parties, Vegas nightclubs, special events, casinos, birthdays, bachelorettes, fundraisers, festivals, and theater productions.

Born out of the radioactive ruins of Washington DC, Fleeky Flanco has increasingly become known as the “Thomas Mann” of frontbending (klishnig) for a unique embodiment of modern and classical frontbending styles.

Currently based in the toxic icefalls of the South San Francisco Bay Area, Fleeky’s teachers include Master coach Xia kemin, National Treasure of Mongolia, contortionist Serchma Byambaa and Acrobatic Visionary Dominik (The Swiss) Wyss.

Inka Siefker - appearing with Wooden Nickel Circus

MeeZee - appearing with Wooden Nickel Circus

Twisted by fate and charmed by the stars, Inka has been entertaining audiences with an illuminating smile and arresting energy since she was merely 3 years old. Although she has always lived in an upside down world, it was at the dawn of her 20s that she ran away to join the circus.

Presently in her circus life, where the strangest things are just routine, Esquire Magazine dubbed her “Sexy and Deadly” after she set the Guinness World Record for “farthest arrow shot into a target using the feet” while doing a handstand!

Most of her time upside down and backwards was spent with Mongolian contortion legend Serchmaa Byamba and Master Xia Khemin with Nanjing Acrobatics. During recent summers visiting Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, she absorbed contortion aesthetics and training with the famous Enkhtsetseg Lodoi and XBud Roses.

Inka has a single goal in this life: to entertain you with impossible things.

Character chameleon, chair stacker, klown prince, b-boy scientist, circus beefcake, roaming specialty artist. Sprung from the great San Francisco Bay Area. Made of natural earth grown nutrients. Fueled by desire, passion, and inspiration. There never was and there will never be another. His aim is true. Love is his message. From the bottom to the top. Honk! Honk!

Michael Hatfield - Musician - Wooden Nickel Circus

Naomi Aeva - Aerialist - Wooden Nickel Circus

Michael Hatfield considers himself a musical journeyman. A former Berklee College of Music Faculty member, Michael moved to San Francisco to focus on performance, but found himself immersed in all the aspects of the music business.

Michael now spends his time as a vibraphonist, keyboardist, musical director, arranger, composer, producer, audio engineer and teacher. He can also be found performing with the “Fabulous Bud E. Luv Show” as well as the “Mallet Band” and then hiding out as a piano/vocalist sideman with San Francisco’s impresario Dick Bright.

On Sundays Michael performs at Unity Spiritual Center, where he presents a very eclectic music program. The Hatfield household includes Michael’s wife, Valerie, three musical children, and a built-in audience of dogs and cats.

Naomi has been performing on stage in one capacity or another for the past 20 years. Starting off as a child pianist, she moved on to become a teenage singer, a trained actor in musical theatre, and finally ran away with the circus.

While completing a BFA in Musical Theatre from Chicago College of Performing Arts, Naomi studied static trapeze and tissue with Shayna Swanson and Aloft Aerial Dance.

She began teaching and performing as an aerialist with Aloft shortly after graduating from theatre school, and then moved to San Francisco to continue her training as a circus performer. She was a member of San Francisco-based dance company Capacitor from 2011 to 2013.

Patrick Leveque - appearing with Wooden Nickel Circus

Snatch Adams - appearing with Wooden Nickel Circus

Patrick Leveque has been singing and generally making noise for most of his life. Raised in Marin County, Patrick received a Master of Music degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Patrick has performed at Marin Theater Company, Broadway By the Bay, Willows Theater, American Musical Theater of San Jose, Marin Shakespeare, Pocket Opera, 42nd Street Moon, the Mountain Play, Davies Symphony Hall, Society Cabaret in SF, the Marin Civic Center, the Golden State Theater in Monterey, and the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley.

Patrick was part of the original cast of The Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas, playing Raoul. When Patrick is not making his own vocal ruckus, he is helping others to do so; teaching voice and singing lessons through his studio in Mill Valley, as well as at Dominican University, and within the MFA program at ACT in San Francisco.

Snatch Adams is an Oakland-based circus burlesque performer. She is a trained clown who graduated from the San Francisco Clown Conservatory and has been performing in traveling circuses and variety shows since childhood.

Born and raised on the East Coast, Snatch learned to ride a unicycle and juggle at the age of ten and joined her first traveling circus at age 13. She moved to the Bay Area in 2009 and fell in love with the lively and diverse burlesque scene that exists here.

Snatch is excited to bring a mix of clowning and circus skill as she shares her love of the red nose on the burlesque stage!

Stephanie Haber - appearing with Wooden Nickel Circus

Sylphie Ariella - appearing with Wooden Nickel Circus

Born full of mystery and motion, Sylphie began her training in classical and contemporary ballet at the age of 3. Ever the rebel, she tossed aside all expectations and gravitational forces and discovered aerial contortion.

For 6 years, Sylphie studied under the watchful eye of circus legends Elena Panova and Serchamaa Byamba at the San Francisco Circus Center. She emerged with an entirely unique aerial hoop style and has been performing internationally since 2008. Known for her sensual, languid movements and energetic tricks, Sylphie’s aesthetics favor the eerie and macabre.

Dwoira Galilea - appearing with Wooden Nickel Circus