Wooden Nickel Circus was founded by musician and artist Tom Sweeney, and features a collective of many of today’s top circus-arts entertainers from the San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and beyond.

Wooden Nickel Circus showcases traditional and modern feats of acrobatics, juggling, dance, contortion, and theatre.

In addition to promoting the charm and wonderment of live entertainment, Wooden Nickel Circus provides professional circus props and equipment rentals for special events.

Tom has been an active member / producer within the Bay Area indie circus and music scenes for over two decades. Since attending the Berklee School of Music, he’s played drums and vibraphone in numerous bands with a tilt toward jazz and swing, most recently with Barry Syska’s Fantasy Orchestra.

He is currently developing a new musical solo act called Oscillataire while working on Airship Works Halloween 2020 interactive-movie production, Who is Bugaboo?, as well as a soon-to-be unveiled holiday spectacular.

Tom Sweeney - Founder of Wooden Nickel Circus