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Take a trip through the darkest of all dark carnival rides, The Tunnel of Love! Wooden Nickel Circus returns to San Francisco’s illustrious DNA Lounge on Sunday, February 18th. This talented and winsome troupe of circus performers is guaranteed to steal your heart — so buckle your seat belts, keep your hands and feet inside the circus train at all times, and get ready for high-flying aerials, inexplicable magic, super-human acts of balance, strength, and flexibility, and more!


Featuring performances by:

Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod
Fleeky Flanco
EkaBoo Button
Dwoira Galilea
Dante Mancini
Sylphie Ariella

Jacob Doyle Haslem
Naomi Aeva
Colin Creveling
Stephanie Haber
Christian Utzman
Amelia Van Brunt

Musical Guests
The Fantasy Orchestra

The Klown

Master of Ceremonies
AJ Kirsch

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