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YOU and yours are hereby invited to unite with US on Zoom at 7:00pm Halloween night for our live-hosted, interactive, circus comedy/mystery, Who Is BugaBoo? — featuring our superteam of circus friends from Cirque du Soleil, Wooden Nickel Circus, Circus Metropolus, Vau de Vire Society — in which we detail with videographic evidence our pursuit of the nefarious Candy Machine™ heister, BugaBoo … and whether or not we’ve succeeded in capturing him!
AND, in that same Zoom session and if you’re so inclined, you can show off your own freaky family at home, costumes and decor galore, and join in on the action as part of our Heebie Jeebie Haunted Funhouse!
AND, in the meantime, YOU and yours are also encouraged to help us gather evidence over the next two weeks as we creep toward October 31st.
Go here to investigate the Fun: https://bugaboo.world/

Some say he’s spookful
With madness-filled eyes …

Others think he slobbers
While eating people pies…

Still others swear on graves
That his blood’s green and sticky…

From the zillions of treats
He’s snatched up while tricky!

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